They are the decorations of life and the joy of hearts, as their arrival brings joy and happiness .. They are children, but parents must make a great effort in raising children and building personalities together that benefit themselves and society.

Raising children does not mean issuing instructions without discussion, or following strict methods that break the child’s personality, but raising children means making more effort, giving a lot of love, and providing the best for the child’s life.

– Life As Parent provides advice for parents to help them raise children:

  1. Be a supportive and loving parent:

Parents should have common touches in the child’s life, as the mother and father are the first teacher to teach the child manners and values, and thus the child absorbs from them the positive traits and learns from them to appreciate and respect others.

  1. Positive education:

Parents should provide their children with positive guidance, and harsh punishments that never correct a child’s mistakes should be stopped, but parents can remind their children of the negative effects that result from their actions.

Following positive parenting methods will help the child understand the mistakes he has made, and may try to correct his actions.

  1. Be a role model for your child:

Parents should be role models for the child. When teaching the child moral lessons and values, parents should be a real example for the child to emulate.

  1. Be a good listener:

You must immediately enter into a conversation with your child as soon as he goes through a difficult phase or faces a problem in his life, and it is also important to listen to your child carefully and understand his problems well.

  1. Be a teacher for your child:

Parents have a great responsibility to teach children the difference between right and wrong, so that they can make good decisions in the future.

  1. Meeting to eat:

For the sake of a healthy family life, the meeting must be over eating because of the great bond between family members, and try as much as possible to have dinner with all family members, so that you can listen to your son’s daily conversations and know his demands as well.

  1. Don’t be distracted.

When a child explains his fears, you should not be distracted, so as not to discourage the child’s desire to talk, and he may not share his feelings with you again.

  1. Be willing to share:

When children get into stressful situations or are experiencing problems; Parents should be there and try to intervene if necessary.

  1. Break the routine:

When life becomes monotonous, it is better to disconnect from reality and change the way of life, so you should plan to organize some trips on the weekends, so that the children participate in the preparation and feel the appreciation of their parents.

  1. Play:

To encourage your child and participate in various games, such as ball, table tennis, and chess, or engage in other recreational activities such as swimming, cycling, or photography.

  1. Be loved:

Try to be a dear parent, so that your child likes you, accepts you in his life, and wants to be with you always.

  1. Try new things:

You can practice many exciting activities with your child, such as games that contain puzzles, and watch movies together, which helps strengthen the bonds between you and your child.

  1. Be a good listener:

Try to listen to your child’s interests with patience, so that you can provide appropriate advice and advice.

  1. The mother has special status

Encourage your child to communicate with his mother, and be the best example in dealing with her in front of the child, so that he always respects her and appreciates her effort.

  1. Have confidence and give it to your child:

Parents must help their children raise their spirits so that they have the courage to struggle in their lives and be able to participate in various programs and competitions.

  1. Give good messages:

Parents should send messages that carry positive and encouraging meanings to their children, and negative expressions that destroy the child’s personality must be stopped.

  1. Teach healthy values:

Children need to learn healthy values ​​from parents, and thus they learn self-esteem and respect for others.

If you are a responsible parent, how do you build your child’s personality? And what would you advise other parents to do when dealing with their children? Share some of your valuable parenting advice with us in the comments below.

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